Albania: More details for the Eurovision Staging of “Duje”!

Albina shared more details about the staging of her song “Duje“, for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool.

Speaking on “Më prit në fundjave” on RTSH this past weekend the Albanian representative Albina has spoken about what viewers can expect from her and her families performance at Eurovision 2023.

She explained that Sacha Jean-Baptiste who is the Creative Director for Albania’s performance liked their performance from Festivali i Kenges in December.

For the Eurovision stage, the Albanian performance will feature pyrotechnic effects, lighting and graphics on the screens behind the performance. Albina added that she really wants the power of the song and her voice to be the focus of the performance.

Below you can watch the reaction video for Albania in Eurovision 2023:

Source: RTSH

Albina & Familja Kelmendi will perform in the 14th place of the second semi-final on May 11.

Stay tuned on Eurovision Fun for all the updates regarding the Albanian entry in the upcoming 2023 Eurovision Song Contest!

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