Belgium: Gustaph unveils Eurovision staging details

Belgium’s representative Gustaph has set in train his intense preparations for the 2023 contest as he explicitly states in Liverpoolecho:

“I can’t tell you too much but when we first saw the stage, I knew we had to make something much more dynamic than what we did in Belgium.It’s going to be different. The idea of static stairs won’t be there anymore and there will be much more interaction with the visuals and the performance as well. Adding to that, we’re now going to have three backing vocalists. The song is written from a gospel perspective so three voices are going to make it bigger than it already is.”

In the interview, Gustaph cites Eurovision 1998 UK’s entry Where are you now? by Imaani as one of his all-time favorite Eurovision performances,as the song’s strong house-music elements and “deep lyricism” played a determining role in his turning into a Eurovision aficionado.

Last weekend,Gustaph made an appearance in RTL’s show Humberto in order to promote his 2023 entry called “Because of You”.The show,which aired on RTL4, received quite a positive response from the audience as it was watched by an average of 488,000 viewers and even reached a high of 1.400.o00 viewers throughout the course of its broadcast.

Gustaph was chosen to represent Belgium after having being crowned the winner of  Eurosong 2023,Belgium’s first national final in seven years.Despite the fact that he did not manage to win the televote,the jury’s votes were more than enough to give him the golden ticket to Liverpool.However,he is already familiar with the Eurovision stage,as he was a backing vocalist both for Sennek (2018) and Hooverphonic (2021).

Gustaph is going to sing his song “Because of You” in the first half of the second semi-final in this year’s Eurovision,scheduled to take place on May 11.


What do you think of Belgium’s entry?Could the performance be impactful enough to bring Belgium back in the top 10 after 6 whole years?

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