Eurovision 2023: The betting odds for the Semi-Finals!

After the official release of all 37 entries for Eurovision 2023, betting companies have opened for both semi-finals and the chances of qualifying for this year’s event!

For a long time now, through Eurovisionfun we have been informing you about the betting analysis for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, through your favorite column that will continue until the night of the grand final for 2023!

First Semifinal

The first and for many the most difficult semi-final, shows the clear lead of Scandinavia with an absolute probability of qualification, which exceeds 90%! The Netherlands and Croatia seem to have marginal qualification for the first semi-final, with Portugal, being a breath away from them. Unfortunately, in the last place of the betting companies seems to be Ireland with only a 19% chance of qualifying.

Second Semi-Final

The second semi-final, which for many is characterized as the easiest for this year’s competition, may be the one that will hide the most surprises! At the top for qualification from the second semi-final we see Austria, Armenia and Georgia with more than 80% chances of qualification. Belgium seems to have marginal qualification, as its odds are very close to those of Poland, which is currently in 11th place. In the last places, without being a particular surprise, we find San Marino and Romania with 25% and 24% chances of qualifying respectively.

source: eurovisionworld

Which countries do you think will manage to get the ticket for the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023?

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the 67th Eurovision Song Contest!

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