Eurovision 2023: The running order of the semifinals has been revealed!

With a month and a half left for the first semifinal of Eurovision 2023 on May 9, the EBU today announced the order of appearance of the songs in the semifinals.

The running order was determined by the EBU in collaboration with the British organizers, taking into account where each country was drawn to appear (first or second half), but also in such a way that the show is more interesting.

So, through the official Eurovision channel on YouTube, the official running order of the songs in the semifinals of this year’s contest was announced a few minutes ago.

Running Order

First Semifinal – May 9

  1. Norway
  2. Malta
  3. Serbia
  4. Latvia
  5. Portugal
  6. Ireland
  7. Croatia
  8. Switzerland
  9. Israel
  10. Moldova
  11. Sweden
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Czechia
  14. Netherlands
  15. Finland

Second Semifinal – May 11

  1. Denmark
  2. Armenia
  3. Romania
  4. Estonia
  5. Belgium
  6. Cyprus
  7. Iceland
  8. Greece
  9. Poland
  10. Slovenia
  11. Georgia
  12. San Marino
  13. Austria
  14. Albania
  15. Lithuania
  16. Australia

The analyzes of the fans and not only for a few minutes have been on fire, since the theories based on the prehistory of the countries in the contest, are a first picture of how passable is the qualification to the final or not. In other words, it’s time to make our predictions about who will advance to the final and who are the favorites to say goodbye to Liverpool early…

Turin will host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest from May 9th to 13th at the Liverpool Arena. The motto of this year’s event, as chosen by the organizers is “The Sound of Beauty”.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the developments related to Eurovision 2023!

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