France: the first details for La Zarra’s performance are revealed!

The first details about La Zarra’s performance in Liverpool have been revealed.  The Head of the French Delegation, Alexandra Redde-Amiel has spoken to the  podcast “12 Points – le Podcast qui décrypte l’Eurovision“ about La Zarra’s preparations for Eurovision and what we can expect to happen in May.

Here are some of the most important details we already know about it:

The Stage

According to the French head of delegation, La Zarra is having the last say when it comes to deciding what should be on stage or not.  France Télevisions is working with the singer to decide what to show in Liverpool.  However, during the creative process La Zarra gives her feedback on the ideas and what she wants to see.

A second revelation is that “there will be a cool prop” that will be in the center of the performance.  Another important revelation is that La Zarra will perform alone onstage.  According to Ms. Redde-Amiel the performance will not need a lot of people around La Zarra.  The main goal is to make the French representative stand out:

“I wanted something that was both a fashion and out of the box at the same time because that is her. She can be like Lady Gaga one moment and do something very simple the next.”

During the interview with the French head of delegation, there was time to address the elephant in the room: Sweden.  As most of the fans already know,  Sweden is the clear favourite according to the odds.  “Team France” has discussed their main competitor.  However, they feel confident that what we will see in Liverpool for La Zarra has enough potential to get the Eurovision crystal trophy in spite of the current odds.

“We are going to take a counter-stance which could be nice”. 


Source: 12 Points – le Podcast qui décrypte l’Eurovision

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