Greece: The video clip release of “What They Say” is postponed!

The release of the video clip of What They Say, which was scheduled for Monday, March 6 has been postponed.

On Monday, March 6, through ERTFlix, the first presentation of the video clip of the Greek participation for Eurovision 2023 was scheduled to take place.

In the past days Victor Vernicos finished filming the video clip of What They Say and everything was ready for the release of the song. However, the dramatic news with the fatal accident in Tempi, which plunged the whole of Greece into mourning and resulted in all television stations adjusting their programs, could not leave Greek public television unaffected either, which thought that perhaps it would be wiser to postpone for a few days the release of the video clip.

Earlier, the cover of his What They Say single was also revealed on Twitter:

The filming of the video clip has been undertaken by ERT director Yiannis Georgioudakis, while Kostas Kalimeris, Steve Sovolos and Vangelis Gialamas have participated in the production of the song.

As we informed you in a related article, the staging director is the experienced director Konstantinos Rigos (Greece 2011, 2012).

On Monday 6/3, ERT will also know the decision on Melissa Mantzoukis’ application for a temporary injunction, a parameter that may also have been taken into account in the decision to postpone the presentation of the video clip.

The news will be many and interesting, so stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news!

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