Ireland: Wild Youth go for a “big” and “bold” staging!

Conor O’Donohoe, who is the lead singer of Wild Youth, this year’s representatives of Ireland, promised that their performance on Liverpool’s stage is going to be a “big and bold” one, during his interview for PA News Agency.

In addition, he also mentioned the following:

Our staging will be “big and bold”. We aren’t taking any shortcuts!

Conor O’Donohoe

Moreover, he also revealed that he is currently undergoing a health and training regime, cutting down junk food, in order to be fully fit on stage!

I’m definitely having to put down the McDonald’s and pick up the carrot sticks… I do my vocal lessons every day, and I listen to the song and then I run on a treadmill while I sing the songs.

Conor O’Donohoe

Wild Youth’s lead singer also commented on the procedure of composing “We Are One” and mentioned that he wanted to create a song which would live up to the whole Eurovision’s stature.

I wanted to write a song that could live up to the stature and the size of the stage and the arena and the scale of Eurovision.

Conor O’Donohoe

However, Ireland’s “We Are One” is not considered as a qualification’s favorite song from the first semi-final, until now, since it is currently placed at the lower slots of Eurovision’s odds.

Let’s keep in mind that Ireland still holds the record total of seven wins making it the country with the most victories in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Ireland is on the first half of the first semi-final on Tuesday May 9th.

Source: RTÉ

What do you think? Will Ireland manage to hold its record and qualify to the Grand Final? Stay tuned and share your opinion on the comments below!

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