La Zarra: “The staging will be simple but shocking” | Exclusive Interview |

This year’s representative of France in Eurovision 2023, La Zarra was a few days ago on the Eurovisionfun channel on Youtube, in an exclusive interview with Paschalis and Apostolis!

On her experience with the competition so far, she said that the hardest part was choosing the song, but now the good and fun things begin.

France this year is represented by La Zarra with the song “Évidemment”, which is entirely in French. She revealed to us about the message of the song:

“The meaning of the song is about finding yourself through difficulties and regaining control of your life! For me, when we created the song, I had to love myself and take risks! So love yourself, leave bad people behind and keep the promises you made to yourself!”

About the song selection, La Zarra stated the following:

“When I was offered the contest, I didn’t have a song. I had a lot but for my next album and I wanted something special that spoke to the difficulties I was facing at the time! So, with my partners we wrote “Évidemment”, for Eurovision!

She herself revealed to us that she has already started preparations for the stage performance in Liverpool:

“We have many ideas, but for me it is important that the look remains simple but at the same time shocks the audience!”

Also, La Zarra did not hesitate to reveal to us that she will be alone on stage as in the official video clip of the country! He then mentioned that he has listened to almost all the songs of this year’s Eurovision and the one he probably listens to the most is “Stay” by Lithuania, although all the songs of this year’s contest are amazing!

Watch La Zarra’s full interview below:

Enjoy our reaction video about France in Eurovision 2023:

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