Lithuania:Monika Linkyte has shot her postcard for Eurovision 2023!

Monika Linkyte, Lithuania’s representative at Eurovision 2023, has just finished her Eurovision 2023 postcard shooting!

The Lithuanian representative confirmed through her social media accounts the fact that she has filmed the postcard that will be shown just before her Eurovision 2023 performance.The singer did not unveil the location nor the filming scenario of the postcard,but instead,she just revealed how she did the filming.

Monika Linkyte is no stranger to the Eurovision stage as she previously represented Lithuania in 2015, alongside Vaudas Baumila.Her previous entry called “This time” reached the 18th place in the final that took place in Vienna and she really hopes to reach the final once again this year.

Monika Linkyte is competing with her song “Stay”,which contains some lyrics in Lithuanian,in the second semi-final of this year’s Eurovision that is scheduled to take place on May 11:

Do you think that Lithuania will manage to qualify for the Grand Final?Write us in the comments!

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