North Macedonia: Discussions for Eurovision participation going on!

Last month MRT celebrated their 208th meeting of their Program Council Member.  During this meeting, the country discussed their future participation in both the Eurovision and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.  One of the main issues discussed was how to improve the country’s results in both contest.

We must remember that North Macedonia failed to qualify to the Grand Final in their last two Eurovision participations.  North Macedonia ended in 14th place in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Nevertheless, Director of the Program Council Smilka Janeska Sarkanjac stressed that future participation in both Eurovision and the Junior Eurovision are on the table once the broadcaster recovers from the financial crisis.  According to Ms. Sarkanjac both contests give an opportunity to present the broadcaster brand to a wider European audience.

Junior Eurovision participation

North Macedonia was last represented by Lara, Jovan and Irina.  Diana Gogova-Atanasova, Editor of the Children’s TV channel MRT 5, and Rade Spasovski, the Head of Delegation for North Macedonia discussed their last result.  Although they were not satisfied with their result, they supported their last representatives.

During the meeting, various Council Members urged the broadcaster to consider a future Junior Eurovision participation and to continue developing the country’s children talent.  However, there were discussions about the tight deadline to select their last Junior Eurovision representative.  According to Program Council Member Snezhana Klincharova, preparations for Junior Eurovision should start in the future no later than Mid-March.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for more news regarding North Macedonia in Eurovision/Junior Eurovision!

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