Norway: changes in Alessandra’s performance!

TV producer and head of the Norwegian delegation for Eurovision, Stig Karlsen talked about Alessandra’s preparation before she takes the stage in Liverpool.  According to Karlsen, there will be several changes in Alessandra’s performance compared to what we already saw at MGP.  The changes will involve the choreography and the lights but we cannot discard changes in the song itself.

New Dancers

As it has happened in previous years, there will be new dancers for the Eurovision performance of Alessandra.  Eurovision rules sometimes differ from MGP.  For instance, at Eurovision most vocals should be sing live.  Therefore, broadcaster NRK is currently auditioning to find suitable dancers who are good at singing and dancing at the same time.


Stig Karlsen also confirmed there will be changes in the lighting for Alessandra’s Eurovision performance.  The show will be more dynamic and the large LED wall will be used.  During the Eurovision version of “Queen of Kings” the performance will start in the dark but it will get lighter through the song to emphasize the message.  The producer said however they are not planning to make the number too flashy because it is the artist who should shine.

Changes in the song?

It is still not clear if we will get the same version of “Queen Of Kings” for Liverpool.  The current song lasts 2 minutes and 45 seconds.  Therefore, extending the song is still not discarded.  Alessandra has shared on her Instagram stories that she has been in the music studio where she even sung her Eurovision song in Italian hinting that an Italian version of her song may be on the way.

Alessandra’s Journey to Liverpool

Alessandra will take part at the Eurovision pre-parties leading up to the final.  She also has several press events and interviews in her schedule before May.  This includes material her team has delivered to the Ukrainian TV about Alessandra.

Alessandra is currently one of the fans favourites according to the polls and her team is feeling confident they have a good chance of getting the Eurovision trophy.  According to the Norwegian team they want to win Eurovision 2023:

We are traveling to Liverpool to win. Even though these are financially tight times, we are really going to organize an international final in Norway.

Source: Escnorge

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