Portugal: detailed results for Festival da Canção 2023 out now!

The Festival da Canção 2023 , the Portuguese national final for the 67th Eurovision Contest has finished last saturday . For the night of the final Mimicat was the clear winner with the song “Ai Coração” after she won both the jury’s and the TV audience’s vote.

However, the same did not happen for the first semi-final where she also participated.  Although “Ai Coração” ended in first place among the audience, the juror placed her in fourth place among the other 10 entries in the semi-final.

Here are the detailed results of Festival da Canção 2023:

First Semi-Final – 25 February 2023

Second Semi-Final – March 4, 2023

Final – March 11, 2023

Portugal will participate in the First Semi-final.  More specifically, Mimicat will perform her song in the first half of the evening (between 1 and 7 position).

Source: escportugal.pt

What do you think about Portugal’s 2023 representative for Eurovision?  Let us know in the comments!

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