Portugal: Festival da Canção 2023 Grand Final tonight!

The Festival da Canção 2023 finishes tonight, through which Portugal will choose its representative at Eurovision 2023.

The Portuguese national selection will take place on three different nights: two semifinals on February 25th and March 4th and the grand final on March 11th.


Thirteen artists are participating in tonight’s final of the Festival da Canção 2023. These artists are:

  1. Cláudia Pascoal – “Nasci Maria”
  2. Churky – “Encruzilhad”
  3. Esse Povo – “Sapatos de Cimento”
  4. Bárbara Tinoco – “Goodnight”
  5. You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – “Contraste Mudo”
  6. Voodoo Marmalade – “Tormento”
  7. Inês Apenas – “Fim do Mundo”
  8. Mimicat – “Ai Coração”
  9. Dapunksportif – “World Needs Therapy”
  10. NEOH SOHO – “Endless World”
  11. Ivandro – “Povo”
  12. Edmundo Inácio – “A Festa”
  13. SAL – “Viver”

The final result will be determined 50% by the vote of the Portuguese public and 50% by the vote of the jury.

Presenters of the Grand Final of the Festival da Canção 2023 are Filomena Cautela, Vasco Palmeirim and Inês Lopes Gonçalves.

The Grand Final of the Festival da Canção 2023 will start at 22:00 CET and will last for three hours. You can follow it through the RTP website by clicking HERE.

Until we know who will represent Portugal at Eurovision 2023, let’s remember the country’s participation in last year’s contest. The previous winner of the Festival da Canção and Portugal‘s representative at Eurovision 2022 was Maro with the song “Saudade, Saudade” and she finished in 9th place in the Grand Final, bringing the country’s best position since its victory in 2017:

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding Portugal’s participation in Eurovision 2023!

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