Sweden: A solution has not been found yet for Loreen’s stage presentation in Liverpool!

In our previous article we informed you about the possibility of many changes in the stage appearance of Loreen, representative of Sweden, in Eurovision 2023.

In particular, the second platform hanging above Loreen is also required to be supported by the ceiling. The weight, however, of this particular platform reaches 1.8 tons! The lighting platform, from which this particular platform hangs, may not be able to support it in Liverpool.

Also, the lighting stage at Eurovision is significantly larger than the one used at Melodifestivalen, as it needs to support a much larger number of acts, while it needs to be ensured all this year’s 37 participants have the same possibilities to present what they want on stage of Eurovision.

In addition, according to Eurovision regulations, it is forbidden to everyone to use structures hanging from the ceiling of the stadium.

Loreen’s stage appearance is still uncertain

In an interview, Anders Wistbacka, SVT’s creative director, revealed that they will be forced to change Loreen’s appearance in Liverpool and adapt it to conditions that will be fair to all other artists.

In addition, he mentioned that about 15 technicians are needed to set up the whole appearance in Melodifestivalen, which is quite time-consuming, while there is also the risk of smoke, which will either suffocate singer herself, or create complications for the next performance. In fact, in the video sent to Eurovisiontv by SVT, it is not from the Melodifestivalen Final, due to the smoke problem at the Festival Final.

Also, a commercial break is definitely required before Loreen’s appearance. Of course, no objects are allowed to hang from the ceiling and this applies to all 37 countries, while the EBU and BBC have issued guidelines and restrictions on the type of props and set design
allowed during the competition.

In fact, SVT has known about the restrictions for several months, while all dispatches have known that if there is anything to be hung, it is done before rehearsals and then stays on the ceiling until all the shows are over, so as not to require the 37 participating countries to hang heavy objects from the ceiling of the tent.

On the other hand, the head of the competition’s organizing committee, Twan Van de Nieuwenhuijzen, said that all participating countries must compete on equal terms, while the rests’ plans and rules are communicated to all participating countries at the same time.

Finally, Anders Wistbacka still doesn’t want to go into details about what the restrictions look like and whether Loreen’s stage show will change.

However, he says that everything is up in the air and that they are still trying to find the final solution. The answer will be given at Loreen’s stand-in rehearsal in mid-April, while her first technical rehearsal is scheduled for Sunday 4/30.

You can watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction to Sweden’s entry below:

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for more news about Sweden’s participation in Eurovision 2023!

Source: Aftonbladet
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