Ukraine: Listen to the revamped version of “Heart of Steel”!

Ukraine’s representative at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, TVORCHI have released a revamped version of their entry “Heart of Steel”.

The first country to choose a song for Eurovision 2023 was Ukraine. Since December 17, through their national final “Vidbir“, Ukrainians have chosen TVORCHI and “Heart Of Steel” to represent them in the Eurovision contest.  TVORCHI want to show us that they have been working all this time because Ukraine’s goal is to win again. So they prepared a revamp for “Heart Of Steel”, and they present it to us tonight.

There are no huge differences in the song, except the addition of some Ukrainian lyrics and a dynamic orchestration, that has been added which tops the song. It certainly looks like they worked hard to present the best version of the song in Liverpool and claim the victory for Ukraine.

Listen to the Eurovision Version of “Heart of Steel”:

TVORCHI will compete in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023 on May 13. Despite not being able to host the contest, Ukraine automatically qualifies for the final as the reigning champions.

Did you like the revamped version of the Ukrainian entry for Eurovision 2023?

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