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United Kingdom: “I Wrote A Song” was written before the Eurovision proposal!

Mae Muller, the British representative for Eurovision 2023, was interviewed this morning by the hosts of This Morning show. There she talked about the procedure under which she was chosen, her exhausting rehearsal schedule, as well as her feelings about Eurovision.

According to Muller, the rehearsal schedule is tight but she seems happy and excited about the whole experience:

It is an honor representing the United Kingdom. It is surreal but I’m taking every day as it comes and it’s a lot of fun.

I’m rehearsing a lot, the preparation is wild and we have these pre-parties. I’m feeling ready now but I feel like by the 13th of May I’m going to be like locked in.

Bearing in mind that Mae Muller knows that she is UK’s next representative for 3 months, the hostess is wondering how Mae did not spill her secret, as she is a massive over-sharer.

I really had to make a cruise effort, i had to breathe through it. I was like Mae, don’t ruin this. I did tell my mom and dad because it would have been weird reading that in the news.

Some friends messaged me on the day and they were like “WHAT???” and I was like “Sorry”.

I Wrote A Song” was written before she was proposed to be the next British Eurovision participant.

It was like stars aligned because after two or three days, I met with my management and they were like, “what do you feel about Eurovision?”. They heard the song and they really did liked it. They wanted an answer like then and there. I was like, that’s exciting…yeah!

When I found out about Eurovision, I put my little Eurovision hat on and added a spoken word, that wasn’t in the song before. I thought it would be nice to have a moment where I could really like connect with people, because it is a big stage and i wanted an intimate moment. So, I went in and re-wrote it like 4-5 times.

The song has already won people’s hearts, admits Muller.

The people seem to be really enjoying it, are dancing to it and feel empowered, which is all I was asking for.

Regarding the story behind “I Wrote A Song“:

My way of dealing with things, whether it’s a heartbreak or a loss, is through writing, as it is empowering to me. You go through revenge and then you come out actually feeling empowered. That was my vision.

It seems that it was also the right moment for her to take on such a big project.

I have definitely had experiences that have helped me feel more prepared. If this was like 3 or 4 years ago, I genuinely feel like I just wouldn’t have felt ready. I think now with the experience I have had, although I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for that Eurovision wildness. I feel like I definitely have the tools now.

Moreover, she seems excited to be succeeding Sam Ryder, because Sam managed to change the whole perspective of the United Kingdom on Eurovision and this year there is a much more positive spirit.

About her outfit on Liverpool, she mentions:

This has been an ongoing conversation. Of course we know but it is just the final tweaks and it has to be right. I mean it’s one of my favorite things is figuring out the looks.

You can also watch the reaction of EurovisionFun on this year’s British entry below:

United Kingdom as a hosting nation and a member of the BIG 5 performs directly in the Grand Final on the 13th of May, allocated to perform 26th.

Stay tuned on EurovisionFun for more news regarding the British entry for Eurovision 2023!

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