Australia: Marvin Dietmann Announced as Artistic Director for Eurovision 2023!

The Austrian choreographer Marvin Dietmann has been announced as Voyager’s artistic director for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

Marvin Dietmann became well-known in 2014 after being the choreographer of the winner Conchita Wurst! Just last year he directed 6 performances (Armenia, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom).

This year, he is expected to direct at least ten countries, among them Armenia, Austria, Germany, Georgia, United Kingdom, Cyprus and others.

Voyager’s appearance in Liverpool is going to be a typical Voyager show, but multiplied by 1000.

When performing on a stage for TV you have two audiences. You have the audience in the arena and then you have the audience at home. So you’ve got to perform to all the people and make sure everyone’s having a good time.

You have to enjoy the dance party in the arena. But then you’ve got to stare down that camera and make sure you’re playing to that person on the couch.


Voyager also mentions that they are “flirting” with the idea of fireworks, but also with the explosion of a part of the drum kit that should explode at some point.

Voyager and Promise compete from the sixteenth and final position, in the second semi-final.

You can watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction video for Promise below:

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for more news on Australia’s Eurovision 2023 entry!

Source: Eurovisionworld

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