Cyprus: “I’m gonna play with fire” said Andrew!

With the first technical rehearsals for the 37 participating countries starting today, EurovisionFun is here covering every rehearsal and providing you with information about everything that is going on in Liverpool.

Our YouTube live videos are also back and in today’s live video we had a special guest. It was no other than Andrew Lambrou, this year’s Cypriot representative.

Check out what Andrew Lambrou shared with us:

I wanna start of just by saying a big “Thank you!” to you guys for the support you have been giving me throughout this whole process. It really does mean a lot to me and those things shine through. All the positivity around me means so much. I know you have been doing a lot and I appreciate all the work that you put in.

I’m feeling very good! I’m excited for tomorrow! Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for a very long time. I get to see everything put together on the stage and I just can’t wait and I’m hoping that the world enjoys it too.

Can you tell anything about tomorrow?

I can say one thing to you…We’re gonna be playing with fire!

We have heard that it will be really impressive.

Yes, this is the goal. We want to bring everything to life and I want this to be a special moment to everyone, including myself and for Cyprus and for all Eurovision fans

So what’s the goal?

The goal.. I’ll be honest with you. We know that Eurovision is about uniting the world. It always does. The slogan this year is “United By Music”.It’s a competition, but my goal is to go out there and give absolutely everything, to perform from here, to perform with meaning and whatever will be after that will be. I’m just focused on walking off that stage and feeling proud of myself and hoping that everyone can feel that sense of proudness too.

One last question! Will Australia give 12 points to Andrew this year?

We gonna have to wait and see. But I must say I’m also feeling a lot from Australia too, which is super special to me. And we’ll find out soon.

In the end, we wished the Cypriot representative together with the audience watching the live show the best of luck, to make all Greeks proud with his performance.

In the video below you can watch the short interview to Andrew Lambrou from 18:26.

Tomorrow takes place the first rehearsal of Cyprus, and we will find out what the Cypriot delegation had been preparing all those months. Cyprus competes from spot number 6 of the Second Semi-Final on 11th of May.

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