Estonia: Alika has filmed her Eurovision postcard!

Alika has filmed her postcard for Eurovision 2023.  The Estonian representative has visited Tallinn, the capital of the country to film her postcard.  The postcard features Tallinna teletorn (Tallinn TV Tower).

During the postcard we will see Alika walking around the tower and exploring the outside:

The 2023 postcard are taking place in each of the 37 countries of the participant acts.  In addition to this, we will see 111 locations across the Ukraine, the UK and the 37 countries in competition.  The postcards will be accompanied by music made by Ukrainian musician Dmytro Shurov.

Alika will represent Estonia in Eurovision 2023.  She will perform the song Bridges in the first half of the Second Semi-Final.

In the meantime you can enjoy our reaction to Bridges in the video embedded below:

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for more news regarding Estonia in Eurovision 2023!

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