Estonia:Tanel Padar and Dave Benton reunite 22 years after their Eurovision victory!

A pleasant surprise filled the Estonian Eurovision fans with joy last Friday during the EFTA awards ceremony.In the first half of the three-hour broadcast of the awards,the duo that brought the Baltic country its first victory 22 years ago performed their winning song “Everybody” on the EFTA awards stage and stole the show.

This performance is, in fact, the first joint performance of the now 72-year-old Benton with the 43-year-old Padar since they won the Eurovision contest in May 2001 in Copenhagen.

This performance stands as an important landmark in the history of the contest as Dave Benton was the first person of color to win the Eurovision song contest and remains the only one to have done so to date.

Estonia,which is the first Baltic and the first ex-Soviet country to have won the contest,is competing in the second semi-final on May 11th with the song “Bridges” sung by Alika.You can watch our team’s reaction video here:

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