Eurovision 2023: A battle for two for the win – The odds just days before the rehearsals start!

The favourite column of many of you is back, as the betting analysis for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest is back again.

With two weeks to go until the first Eurovision 2023 semi-final, we take a look at the betting companies’ odds regarding each country’s chances of winning this year’s contest.

In any case, these odds reflect trends and are based on what we know so far in relation to each country’s participation.

Top 5

“Unchanged” remains the situation at the top, with Loreen continuing to sweep the betting tables, being – far from second – the heavy favourite to win the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. The Swedish win has been consistently trending downwards in recent weeks, being below the double betting threshold. In fact, Sweden’s win is being played at odds between 1.61 and 1.80.

Finland remains second, with Käärijä and “Cha Cha Cha” having made a big impression at the parties and receiving a “vote of confidence” from bookers who believe that the possibility of the Scandinavian country’s second win since 2006 is far from unlikely. The Finnish victory is being played daily at increasingly lower odds, currently being played between 3.75 and 5.5.

Ukraine is firmly in third place, but in recent weeks it has lost ground compared to Sweden and Finland, who are leading the way. TVORCHII‘s win in Liverpool returns some operators up to 11 times the stake, at odds that are particularly attractive for those who believe Ukraine will make a back-to-back.

In fourth place we meet Norway, whose gap to the leading three has increased over the last few weeks. Alessandra and the “Queen of Kings” has been loved by fans, but bookers no longer believe as much ΄- as they did in the past – in the Norwegian victory, which they offer at odds between 6.5 and 19.

The top five is completed by Spain, which is one of the big party gainers. Bianca Paloma‘s “Eaea” has impressed fans and bookmakers alike, with her win returning up to 20 times the stake.

Top 10

In sixth place is Israel, with Noa Kirel and “Unicorn” seen as highly likely to put Israel back in the top 10 for the first time since their 2018 win. An Israel victory is being played on bookmakers at odds between 15 and 34, a particularly tempting odds for those who believe in the explosive temperament of the Israeli representative.

Austria‘s “ascension rally” continues, which has been the big winner of the last month and a half after the release of the Austrian entry, now being in seventh place. Teya & Salina‘s eccentric “Who The Hell Is Edgar?” is offered at odds between 15 and 41.

In eighth place we find France, whose position in this table is fictitious. The reality for La Zarra and “Évidemment” is completely different, as if you look closely at the table the only reason why France is in eighth place is because of its 41 odds on a company. In all the others, the French win is played between 7.5 and 17, which would normally place them in fourth place.

Italy and Marco Mengoni are back in the top ten, with an entry that had been underestimated in the previous period by bookers placing it outside the top 10. A potential win for Italy is now being offered at odds that return up to 61 times the stake.

Completing the top 10 is the UK, which will host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in a few weeks’ time. Mae Muller‘s mediocre performance at the parties has further affected the already non-positive response of bookers to the release of the British entry. The British win can now be played at odds that return up to 67 times the stake.

Do you think Loreen can make history in Liverpool in May, giving Sweden victory for the second time and equaling the historic record of the contest’s multiple winner, Ireland?

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