Eurovision 2023: Swedish lead – Small differences within Top 10

The favorite column of many of you is back as the betting breakdowns for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest are here again.

With a less than one and a half month for Eurovision 2023, we take a look at the bookmakers’ odds of each country winning this year’s contest.

In any case, these odds reflect trends and are based on what we know so far about each country’s participation.

Top 5

“Unchanged” remains the situation at the top, with Loreen continuing to “sweep” the betting tables, being – by far the second – the big favorite to win the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. The Swedish win has remained steady in recent weeks on the verge of doubling the stake. In fact Sweden‘s victory is played at odds between 1.75 and 2.

Finland remains second, with Käärijä and “Cha Cha Cha” having gained impressions and receiving a “vote of confidence” from the bookers who consider the possibility of the Scandinavian country’s second victory after 2006 to be anything but improbable. The Finnish win is played at odds between 4 and 6, trailing Sweden.

Ukraine is in third place. Contrary to what happened in the previous weeks, the big winner of last year’s competition has stopped “losing ground” and remains firmly in third place, with the possibility of a TVORCHII victory being played at odds of around 7.5.

In fourth place is Norway, whose gap with the leading three has narrowed over the last few days. Alessandra and the “Queen of Kings” has been a fan favourite, with bookies offering the Norwegian win at odds of between 11 and 15.

We had a change in fifth place, with Spain “climbing” into the Top 5. Bianca Paloma and “Eaea” earned impressions at last week’s Barcelona party and moved up one place compared to our last analysis. Spanish win is played at odds between 15 and 21.

Top 10

Israel “fell” sixth. Noa Kirel and the “Unicorn” may be down one spot compared to our previous analysis, but Israel’s win odds have dropped. It is characteristic that the maximum yield offered by the Israeli victory is now 26.

The picture is similar for the seventh Czechia. Vesna maintains positive momentum following their selection, having gained ground over the past few weeks. The highest return that can be played the Czech Republic win returns 31 times the stake.

The “pleasant surprise” of the last weeks is none other than Austria, which from the 26th place before the release of the eccentric “Who The Hell Is Edgar?”, is now in the eighth place. The odds of an Austrian victory are constantly falling and it is a matter of days before it threatens Israel and the Czech Republic. Teya & Salina win is played at odds between 21 and 41.

Ninth is the United Kingdom, with Mae Muller‘s mediocre image at the Barcelona party adding to the bookers’ already negative response to the release of the British entry. The British win can now be played at odds that return up to 51 times the stake.

Finally, the top ten is completed by France, which is played at exactly the same odds as its counterparts in the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that the Western European powerhouse is one place lower compared to our last analysis, its odds of winning nevertheless remain stable, standing at 51.

Do you think Loreen can make history in May in Liverpool, giving Sweden victory for the second time while equaling the all-time record of Ireland of 7 wins?

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the 67th Eurovision Song Contest!

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