EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Joanne’s Eurovision 2022 song for the first time!

Joanne’s bid for last year’s Eurovision on behalf of Greece is bound to be released by the Greek record company MINOS EMI on April 28th.The song’s title is “Remedy” and you can listen to it for the first time exclusively on Eurovisionfun,after the kind permission of Joanne’s record company.

“Remedy” is a dynamic, pop, modern and ethnic song. Remedy means: antidote, drug, treatment. The song talks about balance in our lives and embracing uncertainty.Our differences are often the real antidote that bring us into balance and shape us. The song is inspired by the 21 year old singer’s own life as a young girl with a vision,who lives life to the extreme and fulfills her dreams without being limited by her “differences”.

The song is signed by familiar faces, some of whom have already been involved in the Eurovision Song Contest, such as ARCADE. The rest of the producers are DJ Michalis Tsausopoulos, as well as popular singer and composer Sarah De Warren, who has collaborated with big DJs such as Kaskade, Martin Jensen and Mike Perry,with her songs exceeding 50 million streams. You can listen to Remedy exclusively on Eurovisionfun,through our official TikTok account, the most popular account related to the Eurovision contest in Greece, with 6,500 followers!


What is your first impression of “Remedy”?Do you think that it would make the ideal Greek entry?

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