Greece: A minimal Greek summer is the staging idea for Eurovision 2023!

In the Greek morning show “Breakfast@star” the reporter  Μαρία Αργυριάδου gave exclusive informations about the Greek staging for Eurovision 2023!

“We know that Konstantinos Rigos is going to be the director of the Greek entry for Victor Vernicos perfomance. When we first heard it, we thought about artistic props, dancers, a maximal staging! But it is a big no, cause it will be the complete opposite!

The direction that Κοnstantinos Rigos decided is going to be completely minimal. Victor will be completely alone on stage with no one else. There will be no backing vocals, nothing behind him, zero help. There will be no dancers and not even his guitar. He will be completely alone and that’s because the director wants the audience to focus on Victor himself. There will be no water like the music video based on our exclusive information.

There is a concept though behind Victor’s staging idea. And that concept is Greek summer! All the colours and the lights on the stage of Eurovision 2023 will be customized to the concept of Greek summer and its colours!”

The director of the Greek staging said though that their main focus is Victor to narrate every lyric of the song with his expressions and movement.

Victor Vernicos will perform “What They Say” in the second Semi-Final of Eurovision 2023! You can listen to the song below:

What do you think of the approach of the Greek team? Is a minimal summer perfomance the key for Victor to advance to the Grand Final? Write your opinion in the comment section below!

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