Monika Linkytė: “My performance in Liverpool will be similar to the national final!”| Exclusive Interview

This year’s representative of Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, Monika Linkytė spoke exclusively to Eurovisionfun and Matamis Apostolis about her entry “Stay” and her plans for the Liverpool stage!

On her experience with the competition so far, she said that she didn’t expect there to be so many pre-parties but she’s having as much fun as she can but at the same time trying to stay professional.

Monika of course also participated in the competition in 2015 as a duo and of course she talked to us about this experience:

“My previous experience on the contest will definitely help! I keep the love I felt then in my heart! All these 8 years, I was gathering experiences, writing music and performing and that’s how I came back to the competition!”

For this year’s “Stay” entry, Monika said:

” Everyone asks me about the lyrics “Čiūto tūto” and how catchy they are! It’s the power of these lyrics and the overall message of the song which is about healing and how to discover your inner self!”

“The phrase “Čiūto tūto” comes from our traditional music! In the past, there were some traditional rituals in our culture where they repeated these words to get strength, connect with their soul and live a better life!”

About the performance on stage in Liverpool, she revealed to us:

“You’ll see something similar to the performance  of the national final and we’ll stick to the amber shades! Orange is gold for Lithuania and we want to stick to something that symbolizes a lot for the country!”

She then revealed to us that she has people from Greece in her close circle of friends and that she especially loves our country! She also named Spain, Norway and Portugal as her favorite entries from this year’s competition, as well as the bands from Ireland and Slovenia who have been linked all this time with their joint appearances at Eurovision parties.

Watch the full interview with Monika Linkytė below:

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