Netherlands: “We know what’s wrong with it, the creative team is working on to get the vocals right”!

In a rare act of self-criticism by a broadcaster, shortly before rehearsals begins in Liverpool, Dutch public broadcaster made a statement about its entry in this year’s contest and the problems it faces!

After the heavy criticism Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper received for their two appearances at the Eurovision promo parties and their very mediocre vocal performance, Avrotros have officially taken a stand. Eric van Stade from AVROTROS reported to RTL Boulevard:

“Mia and Dion have now performed twice. We have let them practice on purpose and we have seen that things are not going well yet…We know what’s wrong with it, the whole of the Netherlands has seen that. The creative team that is working on it is now continuing, precisely on those points, to get the vocals right”.

The criticism that Avrotros received after the performances of Mia and Dion in Madrid and Amsterdam respectively had to do with the inexperience of the two artists and whether the Dutch public television finally chose correctly this year for the competition.

“We also chose the best song this year. There were two young artists, two young talents. Only this year we see that the step to the big stage is much bigger than the previous years that we worked with young talent. 

There is a lot of justified criticism, but we know what they can do and we are guiding them intensively and we have faith in them. Together we are on the road to Liverpool.”

We remind you that their song is signed by Duncan Laurence and that they were selected internally for another year by Dutch public television. The Netherlands after too many years face the very possible scenario of elimination, since they are in 11th place in the betting to qualify for the final.

In any case, they really deserve congratulations, as in similar cases that have happened in the past, the respective public broadcasters hide the problem under the carpet and pretend that nothing is happening. It’s one of the rare times (I personally can’t remember another), that a broadcaster officially confirms what everyone is commenting on, seeing the live performances of their artists.

Below, see Eurovisionfun’s video reaction to the Dutch entry:

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Source: RTL Boulevard
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