OGAE Poll 2023: The results of Denmark and Hungary!

The announcement of the results of the OGAE fan clubs continues. The next club to announce their results are that of Denmark and Hungary.

The two aforementioned clubs voted as follows:

12 points: Sweden
10 points: Finland
8 points: France
7 points: Norway
6 points: Italy
5 points: United Kingdom
4 points: Austria
3 points: Serbia
2 points: Germany
1 point: Portugal

12 points: Sweden
10 points: Norway
8 points: Finland
7 points: Austria
6 points: France
5 points: Czechia
4 points: Italy
3 points: Moldova
2 points: Israel
1 point: United Kingdom

The overall ranking after the votes of 13 clubs is as per below:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the OGAE Poll 2023 scores!

Source: OGAE International

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