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Slovenia: Joker Out revealed their Costume Designer!

Fashion designer Ponorelii (Damir Raković) has been announced as the costume designer of Joker Out for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The designer has already worked with the band on the clothes for the presentation of their song “Carpe Diem” and states that the styling concept will be similar to the presentation:

“Joker Out have mentioned that the stage presentation will actually stay the same, because that works best, and as they are quite good at live performances they should be encouraged to do so. I didn’t think it was enough to repeat what I had already done for the EMA, but they wanted it because it was successful. If I went beyond that, the costume would take away from the essence of the members when they make love on camera, which is not the case for all bands.”

Ponorelii also explained that the band will be dressed in romantic colours for their Eurovision performance, in reference to the theme of the song, the Garden of Eden. Each member of the band will have their own animal, plant and gemstone incorporated into their individual attire, with the colours corresponding to each individual’s energy and personality. Ponorelii also collaborated with designer Karl Kirri to incorporate a specially designed Idrija lace into each look.

Joker Out will be performing in the 10th spot of the second semi-final on May 11.

Source: RTVSLO

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