Sweden: Loreen reveals resolution of staging issues, at the Eurovision Reddit AMA!

Over the last month, uncertainty had emerged regarding the staging of the Swedish participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite the fact that the Swedish national broadcaster SVT had known the EBU staging restrictions for months, there was not a clear answer by the Swedish delegation on whether they will make any changes on the staging of “Tattoo“, in order to comply with the EBU rules.

Until Loreen took part at an AMA event on Reddit, where she revealed that all the staging issues have been resolved, removing any uncertainty about her appearance at M&S Bank Arena.

During the event, she had been asked about whether her delegation had sorted out the issue with 1.800 kg LED screen hanging from the ceiling of the arena and she responded that if all got sorted out:

“Yes and I hope it inspires you!”

However, it is still a mystery about how the delegation and creative team will resolve the issue. Being asked about if she will keep her LED screen “sandwich” staging that we awed us at Melodifestivalen she replied:

“I will do my best for you guys!”

Among others, Loreen mentioned releasing new music within the year and also she is in the talks for a possible European tour.

Even though the resolution is still not public, an answer will be given at Loreen’s stand-in rehearsal in mid-April, while her first technical rehearsal is scheduled for Sunday 4/30.

You can watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction to Sweden’s entry below:

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for more news about Sweden’s participation in Eurovision 2023!

Photo: Andreas Papayiannakis
Source: Loreen

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