UK: Mae Muller criticized over political tweets

Mae Muller will represent the United Kingdom for Eurovision on May this year.  As most of the fans know, public broadcaster BBC internally selected Muller to represent the host country in Liverpool.

However, not everyone is pleased with this decision by the BBC.  Some political tweets made by Mae Muller about former Prime Minister Boris Johnson have resurfaced recently.  The news was covered by conservative newspaper The Telegraph which criticized Mae Muller calling her an anti-Boris Johnson left wing activist.

Muller wrote the aforementioned tweets in 2019-2020.  In her tweets it is clear that she had a negative opinion of the British Prime Minister.  In one of her tweets readers may find distasteful, the singer said she “did not feel sorry for Boris Johnson” and that “she has no sympathy for him”.  Former PM Boris Johnson was hospitalized at the time because of Covid.

Muller added: “The same nurses you praise in your speeches are the same nurses you chose to cut all their benefits, and CHEERED while doing it. The same nurses that can’t even afford protective wear, and are LITERALLY dying because of YOU. Boris does not have my sympathy and NEVER will.

Apart from this, the UK representative made clear her support for the Labour Party during the 2019 elections.  In one tweet Muller wrote ‘f** the Tories’.  She also added “‘Please register to vote today! And when you do vote please vote Labour! We have the power to take those racist elitists down so lets do it!'”

However, the criticism does not only come from the media.  There has also been a reaction from Conservative politicians.  For instance, Tory MP Lee Anderson criticized BBC’s internal selection.  He further accused the public broadcaster for ‘planting their own Left-wing entrant into Eurovision’.

In contrast former cabinet minister David Jones said in a more conciliatory tone that the singer is ‘genuinely very talented’ and ‘has excellent career prospects’ although she should have been ‘a bit more human’ as ‘Boris Johnson was close to death’.

It must be noted that the UK song for Eurovision is not political in nature.  Also, political statements and activism made by the artists outside the contest do not affect the non-political nature of Eurovision.

Source: The Telegraph

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4 replies
  1. Max
    Max says:

    I think most people who really care about this country and the people who live in it would sympathise with her views. The empty-headed cheerleaders, like Mo here, for those who act in the interests only of private wealth are mercifully fewer in number than they, and many others, think.
    And this article is deliberately written in such a way as to trigger simpletons. That’s all that’s going here, as usual; bitter people, disappointed in themselves, being deliberately stirred to hate by shit writers, bound to the wheel of content generation.
    And by the way, Maureen, if you’re the sort of person who believes they can control how their grandchildren think, then your views are even less likely to be relevant to them. You’ll be ignored.

  2. Nessim Dorm
    Nessim Dorm says:

    Mae doesnt deserve to be pilloried for criticising our leaders. Honestly some folk cannea turn the froth off!


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