UK: Mae Muller releases “I Wrote A Song” Remix

This morning the remix version of I Wrote A Song was released. For the remix version of her Eurovision song Mae Muller collaborates with Swiss singer Vendredi sur Mer, who sings the second verse of the song in French.

The remix version of I Wrote A Song is also available on Spotify:

I Wrote A Song has received a positive reception just a month and a half after its release.  It has made over 5 million streams on Spotify.  It also entered the UK charts in the first days after its release.  This has not happened for a Eurovision song in the UK since 2011.

Mae Muller is representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.  As a Big 5 member and host country she will perform I Wrote A Song in the Grand Final.  Mae Muller will perform in 26th place during the final.

You can also watch our reaction by the Eurovisionfun team for the UK entry in the video embedded below:


Do you like I Wrote A Song’s remix? Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for more news about the UK in Eurovision 2023!

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