Cyprus: All the details about the selection method for Eurovision 2024! | EXCLUSIVE

The talent show that will be used as a selection method for Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 will be Fame Story, which will be broadcast from September by the Cypriot National Broadcaster CyBC/RIK and by the Greek Chanel STAR. EurovisionFun spoke to the people of RIK and they bring you all the exclusive coverage with the first details of what we will see very soon. Until that, you can also read our previous article with the General Director of RIK announcing that there will be a selection process for Eurovision 2024.

“Fame Story” will be broadcast via RIK and STAR

Finally, the plans for the national selection are on going, with RIK, PANIK Records and Barking Well Media to cooperate for the “Fame Story” show. The show will return after many years in the Greek/Cypriot spotlight but quite different from the last one. This news was reported earlier this mornning from Super Katerina Morning Show

Some of the first details are that, during this summer, castings for the talent show will take place in various cities of Greece, Cyprus and foreign countries. The plan is that the show will to stast broadcasting from September with the final taking place during the Christmas holidays, so there will be plenty of time to find the right song and for the artist to get prepaired in order to represnt Cyprus to the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

An episode will be broadcast daily in the afternoon, with scenes from the academy. The program will be marked as suitable for all. So don’t expect to see much of their daily life, like a regular reality show. Everythimg we will see will focus on the development and progress of the academy students, so we will see their lessons, rehearsals and in general their preperation for the weekly live.

Sixteen artists will be chosen for the music academy, with one of the artists leaving each week in the live show. Discussions have already began with famous artists to be a member of the jury. One of them is Anna Vissi, the Greek Representative when Greece hosted the contest back in 2006.

At the end of this month, people of the national broadcaster will be in Athens to formalize the concept. Afterwards, there will be a relevant trailer calling for artists who would like to participate on the talent show and represent Cyprus in the song contest.

This year, Cyprus managed to achieve their second best result after Eleni Foureira in 2018. Andrew Lambrou finished 12th in the Grand Final with the song Break A Broken Heart.

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