Eurovision 2023: An X-Factor style for the qualifiers’ announcement in Eurovision 2023?

With a big change regarding Eurovision 2023 expected for a while, GJ Kooijman, the host of the Dutch Eurovision podcast, posted on his Twitter account a draft which indicates the plans of the organizers about the announcement of the qualifiers in the 2 Semi finals.

The qualifiers’ announcement method will allegedly change in order to make it more tense and keep the audience interest high.

From what we see, all the contestants will be lined up on stage and the presenters, namely Hannah and Julia, will announce the first 5 qualifiers. Then, Alesha Dixon will chat with them in the small stage. The same procedure will be repeated for the 5 remaining finalists.

After announcing all the 10 finalists, the contestants not qualified for the Grand Final will leave the stage and the show will finish with the 10 finalists on stage and the recap from their performances.

With this change, the hosts want to keep the excitement, after being accused for many years that the qualifiers’ announcement has lost its suspense being conducted really fast.

The above-mentioned information is not 100% accurate and confirmed by the hosts. We will have to wait until the dress rehearsals on Monday in order to find out!

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3 replies
  1. Siya
    Siya says:

    Probably the worst decision the Ebu could ever make if they do this. Very inconsiderate towards those who don’t qualify. This will cause more discomfort for views than “suspense”.

  2. milasha481
    milasha481 says:

    ugh why does everything have to be changed all the time, there was nothing wrong with the normal way of announcing qualifiers. big no


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