Eurovision 2023: Cyprus’ First Rehearsal!

Last but definitely not least for today’s rehearsals is Andrew Lambrou with his song “Break A Broken Heart” representing Cyprus!

But who is Andrew Lambrou ?

Andrew Lambrou was born in Sydney, Australia and he is of Greek-Cypriot descent. Although he is just 24 years old his presence on TikTok is spectacular, since his profile on this social platform has gathered more than 700,000 followers.

He started to play music at the age of 5, when he was enrolled at the music school of AMS where he learned how to play the piano. One of his talents was his capabiity of listening to a song and then playing it on his own by heart. Soon he realized that he had to fulfill his musical destiny after having already won the first place in a competition singing the song “Doh A Deer”, still at the age of five. His own parents encouraged his inclination towards music throughout his life, while he attended musical classes at “LaVoce” Music School, where Marc Villagra was his vocal coach.

Andrew Lambrou currently lives in Sydney, Australia where he composes and performs his own songs, while he has also taken part in “The X Fctor of Australia”, “Australia’s Got Talent” and “The Voice of Australia”.

The rehearsal

Inspired by the elements of the earth, from the abyss to the catharic waters of the waterfall, we end up to lava and fire for a rebirth.

This is a great way to end what has been a brilliant second day of rehearsals. Break A Broken Heart is a powerful, heartfelt ballad with a marching drumbeat that’s vibrating through the Liverpool Arena floor – Andrew’s vocal is sublime, and there’s something electrifying about the way this song builds from the first big note to an even bigger finish. The LED backdrop transitions from waterfall to flames, and the whole thing is a massive Monday afternoon MOOD. Surely there’s some pyro incoming?

Cyprus has floor smoke AND four banks of flames – the first real flames of the contest!

@eurovision Red lights, flashes, Andrew Lambrou rises out of the ashes ☄️🇨🇾 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Andrew Lambrou ♬ original sound – Eurovision

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Sarah Louise

Cyprus’ second rehearsal is going to take place on Friday 5/5; so it is then when the audience can get a full picture of Andrew Lambrou’s performance on stage.


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