Eurovision 2023: Dress Rehearsal of the 2nd Semi Final – Live Commentary! (Updated Live)

After the First Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, the contestants of the Second one are ready for their Dress Rehearsal. It is the very first time that journalists have the chance to watch the full show of the remaining countries.

EurovisionFun will be watching all the 16 countries competing and will serve you feedback and opinions of the show. Also, the journalists have the chance to fully watch the rehearsals of United Kingdom, Spain and the winner of last year’s edition, Ukraine.

This article gets updated in real-time, all you need to do is hit the refresh button on your browser!

So stay tuned to this article as we update it with all details, preparing you for what you will see in the Semi-Final tomorrow May 9th, at 21:00 CEST.

The Show

The three female presenters are one stage and welcome everyone on the show again! The explain the voting system, the united vibe between Ukraine and United Kingdom and within the first five minutes the show begins!

The Competing Countries – LIVE COMMENTARY

Denmark- Break My heart

In the begging, Reiley is inside a shadow of a heart and then we see him in his cute colourful box. We also see him laying on the floor with some pink LED. The lights change from pink to blue and end up green. At the end of the perfomance we see the singer on the small stage in front.Vocally Reiley is not at his best, maybe still keep his power for tomorrow’s show!

Armenia- Future Lover

That was s shock! Brunnete starts at her purple and pink screen and looking amazing. In the rap parts the screen is totally white while the lights are making shadows. The main colours are now black and white. WE HAVE A REVAMP! Brunnete has a dance break with ethnic instruments and she is dancing and laying on the floor! A very cool show.

Romania- D.G.T.(On and Off)

Theodor’s vocals are on point as always but the show is not at the same level. Everything is red while his costume is pink and at the end we see a girl dancing with him. Romania will probably not be in the final of Eurovision 2023.

Estonia- Bridges

Another killer vocals! Alika is in her blue dress playing in the piano, then leave but the keys are still being played magically. The whole stage is blue while she is walking and  moving around. No suprises here, a simple but effective perfomance!

Belgium- Because of you

Gustaph is on the top of a platform with some stairs and his backing singers are down singing with him. The LED are like the videoclip, some shadows dancing on the rhythm of the song and also him on the outfit of the video clip. In the final chorus, we see a dancer in a pink and white outfit dancing around with Gustaph. A very energetic perfomance!

Cyprus- Break a Broker Heart

Andew is alone on stage in a blue scene. The show starts with him hitting the high note and he is looking good in black. In the first chorus we see a waterfall behind him and towards the end it becomes a huge flame. The whole scene is full of fire and Andrew is good vocally. A safe qualifier!

Iceland- Power

Dilja is alone on stage on her silver suit. The staging is quite dark with blue and purple lights and a few green LED like a tree. Towards the end we see some beautiful flowers behind her and in the final chorus she shows all of her vocals, which are impressive! A strong perfomance that will give a fight for a ticket to the frand final.

Greece- What They Say

Victor starts on the floor with some LED greek letters and he sounds good. At the first chorus we see him in the LED behind him and in the end his is in the front small stage with some smoke. He seemed tired towards the end.

Poland- Solo

The first verse starts with a different type of camera len. A lot of fire visual throught the song and not only on the dance break and Blanka is serving looks. The dance break is nice and she seems confident. A good rehearsal!

Slovenia- Carpe Diem

A very concert like perfomance from Joker Out. The seem confident and cool with their 80s style of clothing. The singer is vocally just like the recorded version and the whole lights are red. In the end, the members of the group, bowed towards the crowd and we see a huge “Joker Out” in the LED. A safe qualifer!

Georgia- Echo

Iru is in a small plarform with a white dress and gold jewelleries. Vocally she is on point, the LED behind her are dark and in the end everything become brighter. A wind machine is helping her to serve a very dramatic look. A great perfomance, with no suprises thoughout the show.

San Marino- Like An Animal

The show starts with a huge mouth in the LED. The whole show is full of red lights and red lips on the background. Vocally the singer is on point, his high notes are very strong but the song is not doing enough to qualify.

Austria- Who the hell is Edgar?

The big favourite of the semifinal is on stage and their serving vocals and look. The show starts a typewriter and the face of Edgar Allan Poe and some dancers on the background. The LED next is full of dancers giving the feeling that they are on stage. Both of them are very good vocally and the perfomance is fun! A safe qualifier for the Grand Final!

Albania- Duje

An amazing dramatic start for Albania. The vocals are strong, the aura of the balkan culture is there and the stage is all red. This may be the most impactful and strong perfomance of the semi. I would dare to say a safe qualifier for the Grand Final also!

Lithuania- Stay

Lithuania has a third option for her dress, in my opinion the best one, and it is still orange and short, as it should! Vocally she is on point and the perfomance is very similar to the national final’s one. A very good rehearsal for Monika.

Australia- Promise

A very strong rock perfomance from Voyager! The singer starts inside a car and then he gives a strong perfomance in front of the crowd. Also a safe qualifer if you ask me!

Certain Qualifiers









Borderline Qualifiers





Non Qualifiers




San Marino

Big 5 and Ukraine


A very similar to the national selection perfomance with Blanca serving vocals once again. During her perfomance we see a light hitting her hand and the backing vocals screaming her name. An impacful perfomance that will probably do well on Saturday night!


Just like the national final, the LED small screens are still here but even better.  More specific, the singer sometimes transform into a steel type of machine with a human body and during the second verse two dancers help him out and also play with those screens. In the LED we see some blue mountains and sometimes the sun appearing. During the chorus, both the back LED screen and the little screen have the future of robots made of still. A very fun perfomance that will probably do well on Saturday!

United Kingdom

Zero make up for Mae Muller and still looking amazing! The visuals are on point with Mae inside her head and dancing around with her female dancers. On the second verse she leaves the platform and goes to the main stage. The staging is fresh and modern, like a VMA perfomance, but the vocals were not there unfortunatelly. She did not sound bad but it felt weak.


The hosts after talking to Blanca Paloma, TVORCI and Mae Muller are ready to announce the ten qualifiers. In the rehearsal, those ten countries are:

San Marino, Albania, Iceland, Greece, Georgia, Estonia, Austria, Denmark , Poland and Australia

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