Eurovision 2023 Estonia: Thousands of Estonians watched the show!

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has been highly embraced by the Estonian audience,with almost 500,000 viewers tuning in to watch the three-night show.

A high of 66% of Estonians chose to watch the Grand Final,that is,166,000 people,a number that reached a peak of 207,000 people at some point during the course of the show.

It is also worth-mentioning that the Estonian Sign Language broadcast on ETV2 reached a new high of 15,000 viewers,peaking at 21,000.

The Eurovision shows were preceded by a handful of domestic TV programs related to the contest. ‘How to Prepare for Eurovision in Liverpool’ was watched by an average of 151,000 people. ‘Alika: a Powerful Ringing Voice’ which was broadcast one week before the contest, was watched by an average of 108,000.

Both of the Semi Finals and the Grand Final were all additionally broadcast via the portal and by Jupiter respectively, with more than 10,000 visitors watching the Eurovision Song Contest online.

Estonia was represented by Alika and her song “Bridges”,a song that won her the 8th place in the Grand Final,marking the 11th time that the Baltic country reaches the top 10,the last one being in 2018.

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