Eurovision 2023: Family Show of the Grand Final – Live Commentary! (Updated Live)

A few hours before the Grand Final, the third and final rehearsal for tonight’s show, the Family Rehearsal, takes place. We bring you the atmosphere from inside the Arena.

(the article gets updated)

The Intro

The show starts with the Kalush Orchestra, the last winners of the competition, performing Stefania outdoors. In the shots we see Sam Ryder, the finalist of last year’s final.

They are then taken to the Arena and perform their piece accompanied by many dancers. This is a unique moment. A perfect opening act.

The flag parade starts and on the stage, apart from the 26 finalists, we also see some old Ukrainian entries. Go_ A, Jamala, Tina Carol and Verka Serduchka steal the show.

On stage we see th2. e three presenters and with them Graham Norton, who welcome and explain the voting process.

The competitive part:

1. Austria

First on the Liverpool stage is Austria. Teya & Salena execute the choreography flawlessly, and vocals are flawless despite it being a rehearsal. This is an excellent start to the show.

2. Portugal

In the “death spot”, as they call it, Portugal appears. Mimicat seems to be having fun as always. She is more relaxed than ever and excellent vocals. An excellent rehearsal for Portugal.

3. Switzerland

Remo Forrer takes to the stage for Switzerland. This is one of the most professional stage performances of the year. Vocally he seems restrained but it makes sense. An entry that will surely be much appreciated by the juries.

4. Poland

BEJBA RULES THE WORLD! What to say about this performance. Blanka is relaxed and is having a lot of fun. The audience is enjoying it more than ever. Either she’s going to rip or she’s going to go too low. She certainly won’t be forgotten.

5. Serbia

Serbia is next. Luke Black is taking his rehearsal very seriously. The truth is, there seems to be something missing from this performance. He’s hardly going to stand out tonight. Especially at the jury voting.

6. France

La Zarra shows once again how professional she is. The shots are excellent, and she’s a terrible vocalist herself. The audience seems to love the French entry this year. A definite Top 10 for our French friends.

7. Cyprus

Our Cyprus and Andrew Lambrou is next. What to say about this performance. Andrew gives an amazing performance. Vocally he is sensational and we see him wearing the outfit he wore on the turquoise carpet. It will be unfair if Cyprus don’t find themselves on the left side of the scoreboard today. Good luck Cyprus!!!

8. Spain

Total red for Spain. Blanca Paloma has a lot of confidence on stage. This is a very atmospheric stage presentation. Vocally she is amazing. Honestly it’s the only song today that I don’t know how it’s going to go. However, it will reasonably be appreciated by the juries.

Below is a video for Junior Eurovision 2023, which will be held in Nice, France.

9. Sweden

Tonight’s big favourite is now coming to the stage. Loreen proves once again, why people love her so much. The shots have been corrected quite a bit, and the smoke is in much better shape. The crowd is holding her hand. I can’t think of a way for her not to win tonight.

10. Albania

DUJEEE! Our neighbour Albania has its turn on stage. Every year Albania proves that the stakes can be turned upside down. Sacha Jean Baptiste did a great job and the country managed to qualify for today’s Final. May it stand out.

11. Italy

Last year’s host, Italy, takes to the stage. Marco Mengoni is familiar to the fans of the competition and knows how to stand out. Vocally he is flawless, and the camera…loves him! Another easy Top10 for Italy.

12. Estonia

The big surprise of the second semi-final is now on stage. Alika brought Estonia back to the final with her creepy voice. A wonderful ballad that takes you on a journey. I don’t think she can stand out in such a difficult Final.

13. Finland

Finland and Käärijä take to the stage. The stadium is filled with pandemonium. Finland is for the first time in many years a favourite in the Grand Final! Käärijä succeeds every time and creates chaos among the fans. This is a clear victory for Finland today in televoting. Now regarding the juries…?

14. Czechia

The second female band of the evening is next. VESNA stole the impression in the first semi-final and they want to do it tonight too. After Finland, I don’t know how easy it is. But it will certainly be appreciated by the juries. Vocally they are excellent and the audience can see that.

15. Australia

Voyager take the baton on stage. Promise is much loved by a certain portion of fans. The band’s look is bright, modern and puts you fully into the meaning of the song. A decent performance for the land of kangaroos. I think it will get lost in this place though.

16. Belgium

Belgium has done it again. They are in the grand final, thanks to the dance mood of the song. Gustaph is excellent vocally, and the performance screams Eurovision! Belgium will go down extremely well with the audience. Now regarding the juries, nobody knows.

Second break

17. Armenia

Armenia is next. Brunette managed to break the curse and qualified from the second place in the semi-final. She is still excellent today and the crowd seems to be very supportive. Maybe Armenia will reach the top ten of the competition again after years.

18. Moldova

And Armenia, is followed by Moldova. Pasha is excellent once again. The stage presence is like a journey to a magical land. Moldova will once again be in the Top 10 of the audience.

19. Ukraine

Last year’s winner takes to the stage in Liverpool. Ukraine have not dropped out of the top three betting positions for a win since January last year. TVORCHI have a very futuristic stage performance. Vocally the singer is a bit unstable but he will surely give his all on the night. Another Top 10 for Ukraine.

20. Norway

Norway comes on stage. Alessandra seems to be in high spirits today. Vocally she is very good. Norway is very much favored by the running order today. But can she make it to Top 5? Probably yes.

21. Germany

Lord and the Lost are coming to set the Liverpool stage on fire. Definitely the most rocking entry this year. And the most eccentric. The stage presentation is full of red color, eccentric costumes and fireworks. Germany will again be low on the scoresheet today.

22. Lithuania

The Baltic country always knows how to get to the final. Monika is the best voice of this year’s competition. The song is a dynamic ballad that is definitely a pleasure to listen to. We would say it reminds of a Disney song. Surely the Lithuanian diaspora will support Monika.

23. Israel

The most danceable entry for this year takes to the stage. Noa Kirel is a star who knows how to do her job well. Vocally today she is outstanding. The dance break at the end will get the whole audience going today. Israel is going for big things today!

24. Slovenia

It’s Slovenia’s turn. Joker Out have a unique charisma. They transmit their energy to the viewers in every performance. This is their trump card and this is what will make them stand out today. Vocally there are no problems at all once again. They are just aftr Israel…

25. Croatia

Croatia is the penultimate country on stage. One of the most talked about entries this year. The lead singer of LET 3 seems to be doing well despite the cold that plagued him. I really think that today Croatia will experience two completely different situations in the televoting and jury voting.

26. United Kingdom

Last on stage is the host country. Mae Muller closes the competition with a song that people love. Vocally she is once again vocally unstable and this will surely affect her. A dynamic closing for today. Another Bottom 5 for the UK.

The phone lines are opening!

Here is the first recap of the songs with reactions from the Green room.

The first interval act is a fact. Sam Ryder, last year’s UK representative, together with the legendary Roger Taylor, give an amazing act. Really moving.

The presenters are at various points on the stage and discussing.

Here is the second recap of the 26 entries.

Next up is the big interval act with the Liverpool Songbook. Mahmood, Netta, Daði Freyr, Cornelia Jacobs, Sonia and Duncan Laurence perform global hits.

Here is the third and final recap.

The lines are closed by all four presenters after about half an hour.

Bjorn Ulveaus, member of ABBA , talks to us about the success after the competition.

The jury voting begins.


We’ll leave you here somewhere. See you tonight at 22.00 for the Eurovision 2023 Grand Final.

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