Eurovision 2023 France: La Zarra responds to fans’ accusations about her gesture!

Eurovision 2023 has officialy come to an end and the post-Eurovision depression is now a thing.Nevertheless,there are still things,facts and statements to be taken into consideration after such a tense Saturday evening.

La Zarra,the French representative of this year’s Eurovision,was caught red-handed doing a questionable gesture on camera during the announcement of the televote.This triggered numerous reactions by the fandom which was quick to express its disdain towards this act.La Zarra herself issued a statement through her Instagram account mentioning,among many things,the following:

“I am glad to have represented France and the French-speaking world in general.I would like to clarify that I had no intentions of insulting anyone with that gesture.It was just a sign of disappointment,an “it is what it is moment”.Nothing more than that.There was no intention of provoking or sparking controversy.I am really sorry if this was misinterpreted.”

She concluded the statement by congratulating the winner and all the talented artists that she had the chance to compete with,promising her fans that she is looking forward to embark on new adventures with them.

La Zarra competed on yesterday’s Grand Final and reached the 16th place with her song “Evidemment”.


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