Eurovision 2023: Germany’s First Rehearsal!

Today is the turn of the contest’s Big 5 to go on stage for their first rehearsals! The first Big 5 entry to take the stage is Lord of the Lost, representing Germany with “Blood & Glitter”.

Who are Lord of the Lost?

Lord of the Lost is a genre-fluid band from Hamburg which has managed to built a considerable fanbase in Germany’s industrial rock scene.

They were founded in mid-2007 by frontman Chris Harms, initially as a solo project, and released their debut single Dry the Rain and debut album Fears in 2009 and 2010 respectivelly. Fast-forward to today, their discography now consists of eight albums, with the latest four peaking in the top 10 of German charts. In fact, their latest album titled, like their Eurovision entry, Blood & Glitter, shot to the 1st place of German charts after only 6 days of pre-orders, and their most recent European tour completely sold out.

Last but definitely not least, Lord of the Lost will leave Liverpool to support Iron Maiden on tour amost immediately after the contest!

The Rehearsal

Blood & Glitter is a stand-out performance. The band are raised up on a metal scaffold in a triangle formation, with red and black LEDS and a flashing light show that never lets up for the full three minutes.

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

In the third run-through pyro has been added, as intense red flames accompany each chorus. There’s also fireworks to finish, and floor smoke throughout the performance.

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU


You can watch an official snippet of Lord of the Lost’s first rehearsal on TikTok:

@eurovision Look at them…they are so happy they could die 🇩🇪 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Lord Of The Lost (Official) ♬ original sound – Eurovision

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