Eurovision 2023: Israel’s First Rehearsal!

May kicks off with the first country rehearsing today being Israel,represented by Noa Kirel and her song “Unicorn”.

Everything About Noa Kirel

Noa Kirel is an Israeli singer,dancer and actress,with various musical accolades.She was the winner of the MTV Europe Music Awards for the best Israeli act between 2017 and 2022 and is one of the most critically acclaimed performers in the Israeli pop scene.Some notable milestones in her 7-year career include becoming a judge in Israel’s Got Talent in 2018 (and becoming,thus,the youngest judge ever at the age of 17),signing a contract with American record company Atlantic Records and opening Miss Universe 2021 with her song “Bad Little Thing”.

The Rehearsal

Noa starts her performance in a huge box lit with LEDs, with some nice rotating camerawork and lots of strobe lighting. She’s supported by five backing dancers, all in matching black and pink wet-look costumes, and the whole routine is pop-video polished from start to finish.

‘I’ve got the power of a unicorn,’ sings Noa, and you’ll be delighted to hear we took the opportunity to research what specific powers unicorns have. It turns out their horns have healing properties, so we’ll be calling on Noa for all our backstage first aid needs.

DO YOU WANNA SEE ME DANCE? asks Noa. Yes, yes we do. And we can confirm that it’s well worth the wait. THAT’S how you kick off a Monday.

Here is an exclusive clip of Noa’s rehearsal:


Corine Cumming/EBU

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