Eurovision 2023: Romania’s First Rehearsal!

The eighth slot from today’s rehearsals belongs to Theodor Andrei from Romania, who is going to perform his song named “D.G.T. (Off and On)“.

But who is Theodor Andrei ?

Theodor Andrei was born in Bucharest, Romania in 2004 and he is just 18 years old! He became widely known by participating in the talent show “Vocea Romanei Junior”, which is the Romanian version of “The Voice Kids”, back in 2017, when he managed to reach the semifinals. Later, in 2020, he took part in the Romanian “X Factor”, where he stopped at bootcamps. Two years later, his debut album named “Fragil” was realised.

After having won the national final of Romania, among eleven artists, Theodor Andrei took the ticket for Liverpool no matter the fact that he was not consiered as the favorite one in advance. However, the public who were 100% in charge of the final result gave him the win.

The rehearsal

So this feels VERY different from the Romanian national finals, staging-wise – Theodor is looking sharp in a bright yellow shorts suit – we saw him backstage earlier, and it looked a lot like he was wearing Pikachu socks – we’ll try to obtain photo evidence.

This is completely different D.G.T. (Off and On) from the recorded version – the first half is stripped-back acoustic, with just Theodor and his guitar and powerful voice. The second half picks up the rock tempo to a performance that feels much more familiar, with Theodor bringing ALL the sass and energy, as well as a bonus dancer for a dramatic finish. NOT what we were expecting today, but definitely one we won’t forget.

@eurovision Yes to the yellow, yes to the Pikachu socks, yes to Theodor 💛🇷🇴 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Theodor Andrei ♬ original sound – Eurovision

Romania’s second rehearsal is about to take place on Thursday 3/5 when people are going to have a “full picture” of Theodor Andrei’s performance on Liverpool’s stage.


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