Eurovision 2023: Second Rehearsal of Croatia!

Today is the fourth day of rehearsals, the day when the countries participating in the First Semi Final will take over the stage for their second rehearsal at M&S Bank Arena, in Liverpool!

Next up on stage for their second rehearsal is Croatia and Let 3 with the song “Mama ŠČ!“.

Who are Let 3?

Let 3 come from Rijeka, the birthplace of Croatia’s punk scene, where they quickly gained a reputation for merging energetic performances with live art, social commentary, over-the-top theatrics, and outlandish costumes.
Frontman Zoran Prodanović (Prlja) started out in the band Umjetnici Ulice, before joining with bass guitarist Damir Martinović (Mrle) to form Let 2 in 1986 (which eventually evolved into Let 3 when they added a new member).

This established and much-loved group have released 10 albums, one of which, Nečuveno (Unheard), quickly sold out despite the record being completely blank.

In Croatia the band are known for their provocative performances and are no strangers to shocking audiences by performing in the nude… we’ve no doubt Croatian broadcaster HRT are carefully going through the Eurovision rulebook with the boys right now.

The Rehearsal

It’s 2nd rehearsal time for Croatia’s Let 3, and it looks no less bonkers on the big screen than it did in the arena. It’s just…bigger. And brighter. Let 3 kick off with their trademark extravagant costumes, mind-bending graphics and high fashion hat/dress combos, and then for the final chorus they all strip down to their underwear and wave huge missiles.

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

The colours are more psychedelic. The removal of clothing is in high definition. They have an extensive track record of getting naked on stage, but they’ve kept it classy for a Sunday afternoon.

Chloe Hashemi / EBU

Let 3’s performance ends with the missiles emitting a shower of sparks over a group of men dancing in platform heels, vests and underpants.

Photos: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU, Corinne Cumming / EBU

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