Eurovision 2023: The bets before the second semi-final!

We are just a few hours away from the second Eurovision 2023 semi-final and the betting tables are on fire, with the odds constantly changing.

Your favourite column will bring you everything that has changed in the last few days, both in terms of the case-win, and in terms of qualifying from tonight’s show to Saturday’s final.

Top 10

New shuffles emerged yesterday after the first semi-final and yesterday’s dress rehearsals of the second semi-final in the betting tables. Nevertheless, one thing has remained and will remain constant: Sweden is the heavy favourite to win the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. The performance in the first semi-final has given Loreen a “winning air”, with the Swedish victory being played at some bookmakers at as low as 1.40, with the maximum available odds being 1,55.

In second place, with a clear downward trend in some companies, is Finland. Käärijä and “Cha Cha Cha” are Loreen’s rival in this year’s contest, with Finland‘s odds of winning now ranging between 3 and 4.6.

It is understood that the narrowing of the gap between the two countries in previous days is now a thing of the past, with betting companies largely believing that Sweden will win the Eurovision Song Contest for the seventh time.

Alone in third place is Ukraine, whose maximum odds of winning have fallen to 13. Spain has moved up to fourth with an odds of 23, taking advantage of France‘s drop after the release of La Zarra‘s performance at Monday’s Jury Rehearsal. France is now fifth, offered at odds between 9 and 31.

Sixth is now Israel, which gained slight ground after the first semi-final, where the explosive Noa Kirel won the hearts of the audience. Israel is now playing at 36 and seventh-placed Norway at 41, dropping one place compared to our last analysis.

From there, the differences have widened dramatically, with the last three countries rounding out the top ten offered at odds of up to over 100 at some companies. In particular, a potential bet on eighth-placed Austria returns up to 101 times the stake, while a corresponding bet on the UK and Italy returns 126 times the stake.

2nd Semifinal

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, today’s article will also deal with the chances of the countries in the second semi-final, according to the bookers.

Looking at the betting tables for the first semi-final, betting companies are almost taking the qualification of 5 countries for granted. Austria, Australia, Cyprus, Armenia and Slovenia are the firm favourites to qualify today, with their qualification odds not exceeding 1.10.

Lithuania and Belgium are also largely assured of a place in the final and are offered slightly higher at around 1.17. Next up is Georgia who are being played at 1.25, while largely assured of qualification for Saturday’s grand final is Poland who are returning up to 1.30 times the stake.

Beyond that, a big battle is expected for the tenth ticket where four countries will be vying for a place in the Eurovision 2023 final. Estonia, Denmark, Albania and Greece are very close, with Estonia seemingly having the edge at the moment. Tenth – at the given time – Estonia are offered at 1.83, at the same time as eleventh placed Denmark are offered at 2.10 and twelfth placed Albania, who are steadily climbing the rankings, are offered at 2.25.

In a particularly difficult position seems to be Greece who are the big loser of the two weeks in Liverpool. From ninth place at the start of the rehearsals it is now in 13th, with Victor Vernicos and “What They Say” steadily losing ground in recent days. It is telling that the maximum odds that can be placed on the Greek qualification is now 2.80.

Finally, Iceland are seen as underdogs for qualification at odds of 4, while San Marino and Romania have already packed their return bags, with bookers at some companies offering qualification at an astronomical 17.

It’s wide open as to the chances of winning the second semi-final, with Austria having the edge, yet four countries are being played at odds of under 10 for a win. Austria, Australia, Armenia and Slovenia are expected to battle it out to win the second semi-final. Maximum odds offered for Austria are 2.5, Australia 4.33, Armenia and Slovenia 9.

Which countries do you think will qualify from the second semi-final to Saturday’s grand final?

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