Eurovision 2023: The first photo from the new way of announcing the results in the semi-finals!

In our previous article, we informed you about the new way of announcing the results in the semi-finals. A little while ago and during the first dress rehearsal, these news were confirmed. All semi-finalists will now appear on stage during the announcement of the results, with those disqualified walking off the stage at the end.

To heighten viewer suspense and give the Eurovision Song Contest a more televised character, this year’s organizers appear to be canging the way the finalists are announced in a similar style to the X Factor talent show.

All the artists as you can see are standing in a row on the stage with the presenters, Hannah and Julia, announcing the first five finalists in the stage. Alesha Dixon then briefly chats with the finalists on the small pageant stage. The same process in then repeated for the remaining five finalists. In addition, in the last finalist there is a spit screen between the last six acts that one of them will claim the qualification for the Grand Final.

After the announcement of the ten finalists, those who didn’t manage to get to the final will leave the stage and the semi final closes with the ten finalists on stage and the usual recap of the countries going through to the Grand Final.

The organizers are trying to keep the interest and suspense of the TV viewers high, having been commented quite negatively in previous years for the tepid and very fast way of announcing the results.

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