Finland: Käärijä wins Eurovision Audience Poll

Käärijä has won the Eurovision Audience Poll for the Grand Final.  The Finnish representative is therefore the audience favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

The Eurovision Audience Poll for the Grand Final was published just a few hours after the Grand Final jury show.

In second place we have the Swedish representative Loreen which remains the favourite to win Eurovision 2023.  One of the biggest surprises of the Audience Poll is Belgium which would ended up in third place according to the poll.

On the other side of the spectrum we have Moldova, Serbia, Armenia, Portugal and Albania which would end in the bottom five.

These are the full results of the Audience Poll:

Source: Escxtra

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  1. Markus Helenius
    Markus Helenius says:

    Hi there I just feel like there is too much focus on this jury voting. I think Jury votes should only say like 30% of the voting. Because actually Cha Cha Cha felt like the winning song. Everybody chanted him at the event and it is in the highest placement what a finnish song has ever gotten in Billboard charts ever really. It is just amazing song. Afterall there is alot other people too. This winner was very melancholic and yes I respect it. Really nice and beautiful performance. I just feel like she won it already prior to this year but it would be more fair to give this one to Käärijä. That’s just all… Thanks. And greetings from finland. <3


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