Greece: The viewership rate for the Second Semi-Final!

The viewership for the Second Semi-Final were increased compared to the First Semi-Final despite the disqualification of Greece in the contest, viewers chose to watch yestarday’s show.

More specifically, the measurement comapny Nielsen about the TV ratings announced that the Second Semi-Final had a 16.6% of audience share overall, with a maximum quarter of the results at 23.4%. The contest was mostly viewed by the young audience with a 20,6% share and at the last quarter of the show, when the results were announced, were at 26.9% viewer share.

The corresponding percentages last year were considerably lower, with the Greek participation and Amanda Tenfjord qualifying for the Grand Final. This happened because the Greek participation this year got a lot of publicity, along with critisism and negative comments.

As a result, the interest for the Greek viewers’ in the Eurovision Song Contest will wane as Victor Vernicos failed to qualify for the final.

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