India: Is Eurovision India in the making?

The entertaining company of Voxovation, who owns the rights of the global broadcasting of the Eurovision Song Contest, is pushing for the creation of the Eurovision India concept!

India is a big federal country consisting of 28 states and 8 union territories and each of these states/territories has its discrete culture. This datum enhances the possibility of a Eurovision-style song contest in India, in which all the states and the territories will compete for the best song.

Voxovation on this topic commented:

“India is like a continent all by itself”.

” (Eurovision India) Will bring more diversity, genres of music, passion and spectacle than a competition between countries in most regions of the world.”

This concept would also allow smaller cultures of India to be exposed on larger audiences. India’s massive music industry is one of the most well-known and internationally popular industries, which progressively evolves and becomes even bigger. There isn’t a stone un-turned in the Indian music scene, with genres expanding from classical folk and traditional serenading ballads to new folk-infused pop and hip-hop styles. The opportunity for new audiences to discover new styles of music is pretty huge.

Voxovation also added that:

“Eurovision India will become one of the cornerstones of that music scene. In the Eurovision Universe it is hard to imagine something more exciting than the passion and drama of the Eurovision Song Contest expressed in the imaginative and excessively flamboyant way that only India and Bollywood presents its entertainment.”

Source: Eurovoix

Could we see the concept of Eurovision India in the coming future? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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