Israel: This is what Unicorn’s first choreography for the contest would have looked like!

This year’s representative of Israel, Noa Kirel, was the act that impressed more than any other, with her dancebreak, in the Second Rehearsals, the Semi-Final and the Grand Final.

While preparing for the competition, the Israeli superstar tried out several choreographies with her team to come up with the one they presented us in Liverpool. One of them was featuring the artist leaning on her dancers’ arms and legs during the song, making slow static movements so that she wouldn’t lose her balance.

You can watch the video below:

@noakirelamerica So much changed🦄 #foryou #eurovision2023 #noakirel ♬ צליל מקורי – noakirel_america

The choreography may have changed during the rehearsals, but Noa won the third place in the contest with 362 points, and despite the mistake that occurred in the Jury Rehearsals, she came second in the jury vote and fifth in the televote.

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