Lithuania: Monika Linkyte’s dress will be changed again!

As we saw in the photos and videos published from the first two rehearsals of Lithuania, Monika Linkyte appeared in two different dresses, which gathered mostly negative comments.

The costume changes apparently do not stop, as the Lithuanian delegation is obviously not yet satisfied. LRT confirmed that Monika’s dress will undergo more changes before the live performances.

Greta Žvinklytė, the Lithuanian delegation’s stylist explained:

The dress is not completely finished yet, it will definitely be changed a little bit. The designer hasn’t slept for the last few days and has been working hard to improve and complete the dress. So, there will definitely be more changes.

The new dress, in amber, has been created by London-based designer Omar Bayoumi. The colour was chosen because of its importance in Baltic mythology and Monika’s special connection to it.

Below you can see the dresses that Monika Linkyte wore in her first two rehearsals:

Corinne Cumming/EBU

Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU

Who is Monika Linkytė?

It could be second time lucky for Monika Linkytė, as she had previously competed at Eurovision in 2015 alongside Vaidas Baumila with the song ‘This Time’.

This year the singer earned herself another opportunity through Lithuania’s national selection show, Pabandom Iš Naujo!, and brings soaring melodies to the Contest with her new entry Stay. 

The song is grounded in local folklore, with the lyrics ‘Čiūto Tūto’ often used in Lithuanian folk dances as magical incantations.

Music has been a part of Monika’s life since childhood, and from the moment she first laid her fingers on the piano keys, it became clear to her that music would be a constant companion in her life.

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