Loreen: “We need to recreate the staging in Liverpool, it’s really important for my audience!” | Exclusive Interview

Eurovision 2012 winner, and this year’s Swedish representative at the Eurovision contest Loreen spoke exclusively at Eurovisionfun and Andreas Papagiannakis, all the way Liverpool, UK in the heart of this year’s contest!

Loreen sings “Until we meet again, cause this is not the end” and after all, it wasn’t the last time we’d talk to Loreen on March 11th, when she won the ticket to Liverpool, beating superstar duo Marcus & Martinus at Melodifestivalen 2023.

When asked if she is ready for her potential second win, second double (Johnny Logan, “What’s Another Year” – 1980 and “Hold Me Now” – 1987) and first double ever for a woman she told us:

“I’m not ready! I’m too focused! The only thing I’m ready for, that I’ve worked for, is to perform for all of you! And that’s exactly what I’m looking forward to and that’s what I’m focused on!”

Did she get stressed out by all the uncertainty caused by the staging restrictions of EBU, that didn’t allow her to have the exact same double LED screen (smörgåsgrillen, as I’ve called it) hanging from the Friends Arena ceiling at the Melodifestivalen final?

“We tried too hard to bring the same feeling on stage in Liverpool, if not what you call a sandwich toaster *laughs* at least a smaller version of it. I didn’t leave it up to my team, I always like to have a say and be 100% involved in solving problems that may come up!”

Eleven years after “Euphoria“, she believes that this year’s entry “Tattoo” will have the same impact in the audience;

“I don’t know at all, you are asking me this question but this is something I cannot control. What I do know is that I am trying my best to make something really beautiful for you!”

We challenged her to speak Greek to us and the only word she could think of was “souvlaki“, and then she added:

“A few days ago I was watching a video of a Greek dance, what’s it called? No, it’s not syrtaki! Tsifteteli I think, yes tsifteteli! I will learn to dance the tsifteteli! So when I meet you again we’ll dance together tsifteteli!”

She asked us and of course we taught her how to say “I love you, you are everything to me“! She can’t wait to see us, her audience, while she’s on stage:

“I am looking forward to seeing you all! I see literally all of you! I saw you in front of the Melodifestivalen stage in the finals too, that’s why I did that signal that I saw you before I started performing! That’s really my favorite moment before I start singing, to connect with all of you!”

Loreen remains the favorite to win, although she has seen her odds grow since the end of the rehearsals and Finland closing in dangerously close to her.

Sweden competes in the 11th place in the 1st Semi-Final on Tuesday 9 May.

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